Compare Tongariro Crossing shuttles: for your epic adventure

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17 February 2022 11:55:19 AM

Last updated: 6 September 2022

You're planning to hike the amazing Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

You're looking for a great shuttle company to make your experience even better?

It's not easy searching the web to compare services.

Not to mention it's time consuming. 

The first step is to decide on a return shuttle or a one way shuttle. If you've already decided a return shuttle is best for you then carry on reading here. 

Below are tables which make it easy to compare the best Tongariro Crossing return shuttle companies.

These comparison tables will save you a tonne of time, and make things simple for you.

The tables are comprehensive. But they're to be used as a guide only. Because of these covid times we're living in, actual services could be different. Best to check with the shuttle company direct before booking.    

Amongst other things, I recommend taking a closer look at cancellation policies.

Often the weather can be marginal. Or you no longer feel  comfortable about attempting the hike. In this situation you'd rather not have the worry of loosing your booking payment when making your decision. 

The other thing to look closely at is the pick up times in the afternoon.  

Nothing worse than finishing the hike and having to wait hours for your pick up. Or having to run so you don't miss your bus. 

If you'd prefer to download the tables as a PDF, scroll down and click on . 

Return shuttle - Discovery -  6 Sept 22
Return shuttle - Whakapapa -  6 Sept 22
Return shuttle - National Park -  6 Sept 22
Return shuttle - OhakuneRaetihi -  6 Sept 22
  Return shuttle - Turangi -  6 Sept 22
  Return shuttle - Taupo -  6 Sept 22


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Check out this planning guide for the Tongariro Crossing. It gives you all the information you need to help make your adventure a memorable one. 

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